about us

We began as a love.... or ... more like obsession.... for succulents. 


Founder, Jaime Lohr began using them in her wedding decor and fell in love with them.   


She kept buying more and more succulents until she realized there were too many for her to NOT share so she decided to use her creative background and her large spread of little succulents to spread some "succi" love. 

These succulents are home grown, their pots are hand painted, and they are shipped to you with love. 


Whether you want to add some greenery to your home or want to create an earthy centerpiece for your next big event, we got you.  


Meet Jaime


"After planning my wedding I just couldn't shake this obsession with these cute baby succulents!  

I received a few succulents for a gift after my wedding and thought,


'Oh boy, let's see how long these guys last...'  

Side note: Up to this point, I had only managed to keep orchids alive (barely) and THAT'S IT!

One day....months later... I remembered to check on them and much to my surprise, my neglect of these little 'succi babies' did not kill them.  In fact, they were not only alive, they were thriving!!! 

So I decided to use my Art degree, my love for succulents, and my new found green thumb to spread some joy and love one little painted pot at a time." 

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