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Succulent Care Tips

Make sure you are keeping your succulent happy with these easy Watering and Sunlight tips n' tricks!  Keep scrolling for more tips.
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Images from Succulents and Sunshine and Succulent Addiction.
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We suggest investing in some simple tools for success!  These items are our favorites when it comes to watering, pruning, and caring for our succulents!


How to Fertilize Succulents

Fertilizing around the spring time (or at the beginning of a succulent's growing season) is the best time.   If you have mostly winter growing succulents, we recommend fertilizing in the fall.  If your succulents are living inside, only fertilize them once a year.

If you purchased your succulent through us just go to the succulent product page and you can see which type of growing season your succulent has. 

Like we mentioned earlier, fertilizer causes succulents to grower faster.  If your succulent is not getting enough light your succulent is prone to stretching.  We have mentioned this before in our social media and in our Newsletters with easy fixes to stretching succulents, so don't worry if this happens to yours!

To avoid this, we suggest that once you have fertilized your succulent, take it outdoors to an area that gets sun and shade during the day so it can soak up those nutrients. 

Like all plants, succulents need nutrients to grow healthy and beautiful and fertilizer helps accomplish this.


While soil does provide some nutrients, fertilizer will help your succulents grow faster, more full, and more vibrant in color.


How Often Should I Fertilize My Succulent?

What Type of Fertilizer Should I Use?

Make sure that your fertilizer is not too strong or it will burn your succulent!  There are a few recommendations we have that we have tried that work but we suggest you figure what works for you that will set you and your plant baby up with success.​

You can go to your local home improvement store to pick up Succulent Fertilizer or you can opt for the natural route. 

Amazon has some great options too if you're trying to social distance!  This Miracle Grow Fertilizer is our go-to.

This place has some natural manure tea fertilizer that won't burn your succulents if it gets on the leaves.   You brew the manure just like tea.  They have directions on their website should you decide to go this route.  

Feel free to reach out to us or pass this information along.

Happy fertilizing!

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